• Hi, some japanese players may have same problem. They have not been in the game for a while for no reason. I don't know what type of device they use, any information would be appreciated about this problem. Thanks in advance!
  • Hi Fluxxx, same happened in Japan. I posted about this to GUILD WAR ISSUE please read it too.
  • Adding to the above, urukun recently has problem when log in the game. When NOT using Wi-Fi the guild war tab is locked and he cannot join. This happens to some japanese players. This might cause the score bag?
  • Hi, this is not my problem but I'm reporting this in behalf of my friend "urukun" his player name. My friend's guild ゴールデンカムイ lost today's guild war although their points were higher than the opponent. Pls see attached pictures. They earned 4928 and they were gonna beat them but suddenly total score disappeared. Zero.…