• This is the same issue I had posted a thread about earlier in the year, plus had posted to another thread where someone had the same issue. It happened to me twice, once at the start of the year and then again a few months later. Sadly, at the time I had never figured out how to fix the issue but did eventually figure out…
  • Mine is still not fixed either and it does seem to be device related. I tried the in game reporting the first time I experienced this earlier in the year and the reply I received stated that they were aware of the issue and it would hopefully be fixed in a future update. I guess I'll send a report in game as well but it…
  • Received an additional 164 gold today to add to my 30-something from yesterday. It probably equals out to the 204 deadly missions I completed, idk, wish I had screenied yesterday's hand out.
  • I can't remember the exact amount of gold I received; I wanna say around 35 for 204 deadly missions. So if the quest was originally 500 deadly missions for a reward of 500 gold, the hand outs should have possibly been distributed as so. If I got 204 deadly missions then I should have received 204 gold. <3
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well and have the same issue, which happened back in February and wasn't fixed for me until the games previous update (1.8.3 or 1.9). :neutral: Here's my thread from February about the issue. At…
  • Thank you for the replies. I hope I'm not necroing my thread by posting this late (I apologize if so); been srsly busy with college this month. From what I gather from the replies, it seems that these forums are a bit more laid back compared to other forums that I belong too and def not as strict. :)
  • I seem to still have ad issues where you watch the video and then the game reloads itself, which gyps me of unlocks. :( Now it's a bit worse, it causes the game to lock up and I have to close it out and restart it again.
  • This was posted to another thread. Worked perfect for me!
  • Thank you so much! :D
  • Thank you for the update OldGoth!
  • Maybe it's due to an update issue which is why us Android uses have had a delay in our update. I'm itching to play and to talk smack to my guildies. Haha!