• Honestly, Fuck you NG.... How dare you ban people who are completely innocent..... Politics are not allowed in a game, and then you make this shit up? Well fuck you and good bye. At least you have a reason for banning me now... May you sleep well at night... I am done with this shitty game.
  • We do that sometimes, but NOT for the reason you mention. We do it so lower players can come in and get the masters rewards. I would have no problems with the points following the strong players, as long as the ALSO stay in said guild, but that would not be possible.
  • Dude are you high or something??? I am one of the 3 from Legacy who played a 3rd war last week. We were signed for Thursday, then the absent bug came and we signed for Sunday. We were 100% sure that we would not be able to play Sunday when the bug was resolved, but we were wrong and played a 3 player war for the fun of…