• I'm all for this as well.
  • I avoided building the memorial because it seemed like a waste of food. I accidentally killed an epic hunter in a deadly mission and was really frustrated over the whole incident. I decided to place the memorial and I open it periodically, it's kind of cool to have the stats there even if I just have the one survivor in it.
  • I'm in support of this, but it would take away some of the 'chance' aspect of the game.
  • I made the same suggestion RE: equipment and was told at that time that it had been suggested already too. I think it's a great idea. Check out this thread: http://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/1011/donating-old-weapons-equipment
  • I got my first legendary this week (after accidentally killing my best hunter on a deadly challenge mission..), a shooter. She only goes up to lvl 16 but still my best pull yet. Congrats on yours!
  • Argh!! They're not giving me enough free things!!!
  • I just find the amount of xp you usually get for a scrapped item isn't much. Especially if you've invested in upgrading that piece. We want to help each other out! It's so sad to see a legendary piece of equipment go in the garbage for a couple thousand xp when it could be someone else's best piece!
  • I like this idea. You could do all kinds of things with it. Pick one survivor to be dropped in the center of a crowd and see how long you can survive. Only use one class of survivors against a specific type of walker (i.e. all bruisers against burning walkers, or all hunters against armoured walkers).
  • I'd like some extra gold, if it could spawn a few a day I'd appreciate it. Alternatively, something to speed up my upgrades. Or maybe like a "Chance" card in Monopoly - you risk a negative card or positive card. If you decide to pick it up you could draw a card that only allows you to use your bruisers for 2 hours. Or a…
  • I'm voting yes as long as you'd be able to turn on and off. If I'm playing a previous chapter's deadly mission to farm some XP (and my guys are 2-3 levels above what the mission asks for) I definitely don't need this. But if I'm playing something "risky" it would definitely save me for those glitches, or when my phone…
  • I've never looked closely enough but I've always assumed that the time they give me at the end of the mission is the actual time required (so already subtracting your hospital's "discount")
  • I'm still using all of mine for survivor slots but when I first started I used them to feed my impatience. Once I have enough slots I'll probably just speed up my upgrades. Can't see myself buying outfits or anything like that.
  • My default team is two hunters and a bruiser, but my guys are still around lvl 8-9 and I need the smash charge if I get surrounded (don't want to spawn new walkers by shooting at them). I've been avoiding the shooter class but have seen some advantages, especially with the multi charge, so my team will probably evolve soon.
  • My issue usually has to do with landing in the wrong spot because I can't see under my finger when I'm moving (i.e. trying to shoot a walker and end up walking to the spot right above them) but the camera centering has got me before. Usually my issue is my phone lags - I definitely need to get a phone with more data…