• Maybe more players have dropped out of the game forever, but NG still has to keep the cash flow going. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this change will have the opposite effect. the players will certainly not spend more money, but more players will turn their backs on the game forever. ng shouldn't exaggerate his greed or at…
    in LakeSide Comment by cotodoso August 2020
  • @Fluxxx I feel that too, already in the challenge last week I noticed that the bruisers are not nearly as good as before the update. I can also see a significant weakening in terms of the power of Sasha and Rick. In addition, Sasha's leader trait no longer pulls as it did before the update.
  • Well done NG :-1:
  • Thanks @TJS, but this does not help :-(. Yesterday and today in the morning everthing was fine and havent any issues mentioned in the linked thread. But now I cant get into the game. Rebooting my device and reinstalling the game didnt made the situation better. Also checked my internet connection, everything is working…
  • Cant connect, too. Stuck at the loading screen of the game.