• Thx @JasonW and deca for quick change back to 1250 gold
  • Thx, now it works 👍
  • @capibara 1st: I love your picture! 2nd: about your post: I think most of the players here saw enough bugs in game, and in my opinion most of us are still writing, reading and still playing patiently and accept excuses of ng. yes, the missed round passes hurt. But I think, that's only one point. The main for me is this…
  • Dear NG-team, We players are here to play your game and want to have fun, but it seems like you try everything to get us out of the game. Problems with new season, massive problems with guildwars, and now problems with challenge. But to be honest the top of the top is this undescribable ridiculous thing you called…
  • Thx @Gobold69 let's wait and see 😕