• I didn't have chance to test all the stars, but I think the new formula should be 3X --- 3X + 2 (stars) = X+4 (recommended level) So 24 ---- 26 (stars) = level 12 recommended 27 ---- 29 (stars) = level 13 recommended 30 ---- 32 (stars) = level 14 recommended and so on ..................... Thus, to take advantage on this,…
  • With your formula, I should have level 15 recommended when I had 32 stars, but it's only 14. assume X = 11 3X ± 1 = X+4 33 ± 1 = 15 32 - 34 = 15
  • does this formula still work? I had 32 stars and the recommendation level was 14. X=11, then stars from 32-34 = level 15 recommendation
  • It's possible, I got 211 stars this week challenge with a set of: 1 hunter (lv12), 1 hunter (lv11) and 1 shooter (lv11). All of them are epic suvivors and my level was 26-27
  • 9 is quite low, but if you have good gears, you still can do that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2RVMaIbAFw
    in EP10M4 Comment by hdhieu December 2015
  • you are really good at "patient". Why don't you use hunter/shooter and farm in mission 7-4, faster and easier
  • read this: http://htmlguide.drgrog.com/cheatsheet.php hope it helps
  • here u go:
  • Thanks guys. I also want hunter/shooter legendary but it's still awesome :smile:
  • Totally agree, my survivors ran into the group of walkers a few times because of this. It's especially annoying when you play in a low/old device. Thus, please let us to disable/enable it.
  • The Zombies in weekly challenges will get level up each time you beat it, thus the rewards are also getting better in higher level, not even mention the rewards from the Guild you are in. Trying to get as much as possible in weekly challenges is a challenge for you. With your level you should beat 162 stars, give it a try…
  • Just help you to post it correctly. Next time, use the function of the forum to attach file. It doesn't use [img] code like other forum, but it is using < img src =" image url" / > (no space), just like website, blog. Anyway, congras for your great legendary warrior. I wish I had one