• Maybe the community world wide should put a spending freeze on the game for a month. That would shake the tree for sure.
  • I’ve been here since amc said download now. Once I get separated from my group due to not being able to keep up then what? Start all over with all new people? I’ll quit first
  • I know nobody is forcing me to pay. Totally see it coming down to who can and who can’t. This will start separating communities that have been together since day one. That’s really going to suck. You all can say what you want now but when it becomes reality it will be a different story
  • How much money will it cost to keep up? This pass thing is the same as another game I play. It consists of 21 objectives at $5 a pop. That’s $105 every time it’s ran. This is a serious problem. I already give you $15 every campaign because it’s not possible to complete without gold. 4 times a year $60 lol not to mention…
  • I was wondering if we are getting the bat? Read a discussion that you said to look at the over all picture to see it and it would be like the prize of the campaign.