Hi all -  I am a Level 75 and looking for a friendly, harder-hitting guild to join with a 1000 minimum. Preferably a guild that hits hard and coordinates and communicates well during Guild Wars. A guild with active leadership that stays engaged and present, and that really represents. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!


  • @Candiman246 I agree 110%. My guild is running into the same problem, and we always have 20 players at a time. But many players do not want to participate, which prevents us from battling all 8 days and/or having 4-5 peeps per battle.
  • Our guild is finding it near impossible to get 7 members online at the same time, so we’re missing out on battles we were really looking forward to. To be quite honest, it is beyond frustrating and annoying. It seems like 5 members would be more reasonable. Please consider this issue seriously.