• Someone made a comment in another thread, that instead of being able to play more than 2 battles (I was on that train), that we be able to play no matter if 5 players are signed up or not. Yes, that's obviously a disadvantage, but you do get to earn a few rewards for yourself and the other team your playing against MIGHT…
  • HAHAHAAAAA! Don't I feel like a dunce! Ok, agreed. 30 would be perfect. Hope they listen. :-)
  • @Firekid thanks for the insight. I admit I've not had time to read every new detail of this war. But I do have a question again about the attacks: You get 30? Why? I'm only level 24, is that why I only have 20? If that's the case I'm not a fan of that. But I'll still play. Thanks again! :-)
  • I agree about having to back out and then come back in to battle enemy. Hard to remember all the specifics of first GW. Were we each limited in how many battles we could actually play? 20 sounds like a lot but is actually not enough considering you need to finish 2 before engaging the enemy. We can only complete 2 areas (6…
  • Oh thats right about the gas. I forgot, but yeah, just played another mission and nothing. They load, I play, but just nothing happens. Bummer.
  • Definitely a fan of the 30 gas in Trade Shop! Please seriously consider keeping that. Got me to play more and I did better for my guild.
  • I know, but to have the option at least is all I'm saying.I just feel like it's a little TOO SLOW. I had to get 15 million to upgrade my training grounds and now 15 million more to upgrade my work shop. Lord knows how much I'll need after this upgrade! It takes days or even a week or two, and sometimes longer.
  • Wow, I pretty much agree with everyone on this Challenge, if that's what they want to call it. One thing for me is I feel like my playere hardly move any significant distance. Llike it's not bad enough that there are more Freemen tban your survivors, hardly any walkers to get in theit way (haven't seen one armored or…
  • Thanks you two. I feel A LITTLE BETTER (lol!) knowing next upgrade gap is not so large. And good advice. I'll try to be patient!