• Phalanx 44 I agree you don’t have to spend money but James is right I too can see a separation starting in the game with this upgrade. Most top guild(s) players spend money on the game to stay competitive and not let there guild mates down. I understand there is a path for players who don’t spend money but it’s not the…
  • I put the new armor on Princess and in my experience it does not work as intended.? I see no difference in performance to regular armor. Thanks to all above for the math work I’m hoping NG addresses this issue. 
  • All the melee toons have been weakened to the point of being useless. When I play guild wars my melee team is operating three levels below normal. 
  • NG your answer is terrible and you are gas’s lighting us. Don’t you realize how damaging this is to your players? Honestly make your decisions based on humanity’s mechanics not your sterile staff meetings or your algorithms that do not translate to human feelings. Please understand you took something away from your bread…
  • NG wake up! you can’t overlook your development mistake for 2 years and than ruin the game for your devoted players. You should have never made the mistake in the first place but you did and should own your mistake like a decent and equitable company and make power strike like it was instead of taking the entire melee…
  • Why is NG taking things away from players? Complete failure to allow a bug for years and than fix it causing some top players to leave the game. Wake up NG 
  • NG you ruined the game. Some very good players are leaving because of this. Stupid. Change power strike back. 
  • I notice similar issues, seems like less critical hits. Bruisers can’t take damage either.