• Ghost pepper, what are unicorn badges and what do you recommend with grey and brown components as they seem worthless ??
  • Thanks guys, much appreciated
  • Apologies to Next and anyone else I upset with my comments about top end weapons. Obviously the longer you have played the game the more of these you have earned in previous events. I can only speak of my experience and now. Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply whatever your views 
  • Thanks for the tips Reveen, much appreciated.
  • Thank you so much guys for all the feedback and advice it is much appreciated. It's just a pity that all the top end weapons are buy only. Guild Shop and Black market would be ideal places to pick them up if Next thought about the players, but as in life Cash is king 
  • Thanks Jay z, I already have your strategy guide. Really helped me in the game, but I was after vids that may contain tips for people my level. Most shown are with higher level players all with top end weapons. Very hard to replicate that with mid to crap melee weapons 
  • Thanks guys for the input. I see he has split opinions on his worth going forward. I would have thought that anything which reduces enemies abilities to inflict and increase damage given is good, but I am not a top player and don't understand the % ratings that are mentioned on here
  • Thanks everyone for the replies 😃😃
  • The same names keep popping up on the majority of lists. Only variant appears to be on Assaults and Shooters. Seems to me like it's a personal preference thing. I have my list now that I am working on, thanks to everyone for your input even xbamfx who obviously wanted me totally f------ed up lol 
  • Thank you so much guys, much appreciated. Lots to work on now my end. My re rolls have not gone well recently, but I will keep plugging away 😀😀😀
  • Thanks guys, I have gotten rid of all c c badges under epic, held onto others just in case ????
  • Thanks guys for taking the time to reply, looks like i,m scrapping them !!!
  • Thanks Shadow Walker much appreciated. Will try on Beta and Michonne